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Alexandria is a game for 2 to 4 players that brings a unique element off strategy to the field of word games. Players take turns placing a single letter on the board then finding all the words they can.

There are no random or unknown elements. Your success is determined by your ability to find or form words while preventing your opponents from forming their own.



Start with a complete (26) set of letter tiles, all turned face up. Place the vowels as shown. If there are either two or four players the ‘z’ is discarded.


The players take turns selecting letter tiles one at a time, keeping them face up so that each player can see what letters all the other players have.


Each player takes turns placing letters on the board so that it forms at least one new word (two letter words are acceptable). The player then lists all of the words of three or more letters that he or she can find. These words do not have to use the letter just played.

Once found a word cannot be used again. No slang words or names are allowed.

If the player is unable to form a word, the turn is forfeited and a penalty is assessed

The game ends when all letters are played or when no more words can be formed.


Scoring and Penalties

The each word is worth two points less than its number of letters. “Ire” (having three letters) would be worth one point.  “Rite” (having four letters) would be worth two points. “Quite” (having five letters) would be worth three points. “Squire” (having six letters) would be worth four points.

If a player has to forfeit his or her turn (is unable to form a new word), he or she is assessed a penalty unless all of the other players still have unplayed letters and none of them can form words either.

The penalty is twenty-five points in a two-player game, fifteen points in a three-player game and ten points in a four player game.