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Cross-sectional reading is a system for improving your vocabulary and comprehension by following five basic steps:


1. Read a lot

Cross-sectional reading is not a miracle drug for your standardized test scores; it is a way of getting the most benefit out of the time you spend reading. The more you read, the better the system works.

2. Follow a diverse list (use the axes system)

Limiting yourself to one type of book (or worse, one author) also limits the vocabulary and reading skills you’ll acquire. the Axes System helps you avoid this trap.

3. Use card marks

One of the simplest study methods is also one of the most effective.

4. Keep a reading journal

Another easy but powerful tool – particularly in the computer age.

5. Cross-reference your reading notes with other study materials

Here is how to get the most out of those prep books and courses.

and if possible

6. Work with a study group